www.felink.com belongs to Fujian Felink Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Felink"). Felink was founded in 2010. To develop the layout strategy of spinoff, Baidu centralized 91 Launcher, Almanac Weather and other products to Felink in 2015. Felink dedicates to providing more efficient and more convenient mobile internet usage,holding a vision of being the most influential mobile application developer. With the number of over 50 national intellectual properties, Felink plays a leading role in industry.

Sinceits foundation, Felink has successfully launched several products, including desktop landscaping tools:91 Launcher,Dianxin Launcher; system management tools:91 Screen Lock,91 Contacts; life service applications: AlmanacWeather,Xiutu, etc. Among all the products, 91 Launcher ranks the first place in the third-party mobile phone desktop industry with a total user number of 300 million.

In the year of 2015, Felinkexpanded its overseas markets, referring to the markets in India, America and Southeast Asia. The release of 91 Launcher, Dorado Genius, Dorado Pixel Phone and InWallpaper helps Felink fulfill the goal of being a global mobile application platform.

Baidu is the largest shareholder of Felink. With a far-reaching layout strategy and promising development potential, Felink attracts the investment of Jiayu Funds, Youzu Network and some other famous PE and listed companies, holding a market evaluation of $USD100 million.

Team of Elites:

Felink has a team of talents who initially marched their way into mobile internet market: cofounders: Yousheng Zheng, Xingbai Chen and Bingrong Chen; over 200 elites with an average age of 27; numbers of developers with 6 years of Android developing experience, 8 years of IOS developing experience.

Compensation and Benefits:

1. Generous Compensation: Salary + Bonus + subsidies(transportation, catering and phone call)

2. Comprehensive Welfare: five Social Insurance and one housing Fund + Commercial Insurance (Housing fund takes 12% of wage)

3. Individualized office hour;

4. Extra-long paid annual leave: 10+ paid annual leave;

5. Rich Team Building: seasonly-held team activities;

6. Thoughtful care: providing water bar and birthday presents.

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