Dorado App Installer is efficient to install android phone apps with one simple click. Most smart phone beginners want some apps or music preloaded. Dorado App Installer provides several app bundles that makes it easier to satisfy customers.

Dorado App Installer

Easy to Use

1 Connect Device Plug your phone via USB and make sure it shows connected.

2 Choose A Bundle Click a Bundle such as “Most Popular”, it’ll automatically download and install apps.

3 Ok and Go It may cost several minutes to download the apps the first time you use it, but it runs faster the next time you install apps.

Dorado App Installer

My Own Bundles

1 Add My Bundle All bundles areunder your control, you can add, edit or even delete bundles.

2 Drag APKs and manage bundles It’s very easy to manage bundle contents. Drag the APKS to add or click the junk icon to delete.

3 Save and Done It’s all under your control. Try to add some good apps to your bundle.

Dorado App Installer

Customers like it

You don’t have to choose between apps. Just install and play or delete if you don’t like. All TOP apps we select are well proved by many people. Your selective bundles will be appreciated by customers. We are looking forward to see them.

Dorado App Installer
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