When your phone system manager or cleaning apps are cleaning up the memory,they may cause 91 Locker's process be cleaned and then 91 Locker is gone.

Step 1:

Open the notification permission

Open“91 Locker”to click-”Settings”-and open”App Notifications”.

91 Locker

If you don’t want to display the message content on the lock screen,you can click”App Notifications”-open”Enable Screen Lock Notifications”and“Disable Message Preview”.

91 Locker

Step 2:

In order to avoid your phone system manager or cleaning apps may cause 91 Locker stop working,please add 91 Locker to their“white list” or "protected app".

91 Locker

Step 3:

Make sure your phone opens "Application permissions" and then choose“91 Locker”to "Auto run".

You may delete "91 Lock Screen” mistakenly by 1 Tap Clean, and then the lock screen would not operate normally.

Add “91 Lock Screen” to "Process White List " in mobile phone software management, thus the Lock Screen will operate normally.

1) Enable "91 Lock Screen”>Click"Setting">Click"Setting of Lock ScreenSecurity ">Click"On-Off" to start it.

2) Enable"91 Lock Screen”>Click"Passcode">Set "Passcode" to improve privacy security of the phone.

Enable "91 Lock Screen”>Click"Setting">Click"Stop Using System Lock Screen"
1)Enable "91 Lock Screen”>Click"Setting">Click"Message Setting">Click "On-Off" to start it.

2)Click "Select the application of showing messages">Tick the little box in front of the applications need to be reminded.

3) After above operations, if the message notification is still not shown. Please restart the Phone.

Enable“91 Lock Screen”> Click "Setting">"Message Setting"> Click"On-Off", checking the option of Messages on Lock Screen, if the option is selected, please remove it and then select it again.
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