Enable floating window and power saving mode by clicking the setting menu on the top right screen.
Currently only the three types of audio files, i.e. mp3, wav and amr can be well supported by the app. You are suggested to turn other types into them for further operation.
The probable reasons are as following:
1. You do not register an account or log in.
2. The ringtone exceeds the size limit of 10M, which is set to avoid possible copyright violation caused by the upload of HD songs or film scores.
3. Your Internet environment is not ideal. Because upload relies heavily on the Internet environment, please perform the operation in a good one.
Please click the “Ringtone Settings” button on the right of any ringtone to download in the page of Internet Ringtone. Please wait until download completes and the Ringtone Settings window pop-upshow that you have downloaded the selected ringtone.
Click “Local Ringtone” under “More” on the left top.
Please pull down to update the list and view the latest downloaded/recorded/cut ringtone file.
Please check your Internet settingon your phone and ensure it works normally.
You can download it and click the “Cut” button under “More” on the right of the “Local Ringtone” page. Then it is displayed at the bottom.
Sorry, no. You are allowed to download one ringtone from the Internet at one time. The ringtone tapped at last will be downloaded if you tap many ones.
Scan to download