There is no Incoming/Outgoing call window yet of PixelPhone. So, you need to choose standard Telephone to make call. Don’t disable it and don’t uninstall it. Standard Phone also respect to emergency calls.
PixelPhone not active / no impact / does not work during the call because it has no Incoming/Outgoing call window yet. These problems are due to your standard telephone.
Menu -Preferences -Dual SIM -Call History reverse.
Long press #-Menu-Paste.
You can change the Audible DTMF feedback from Silent, Normal to Loud. Please try ‘Group action -settings - phone -Audible DTMF feedback.
Preference-General-Hide application.
Please try the display setting of the sort order (name) to your preference. Long press on 'Contacts' Menu -Contacts- Display setting-default sort order etc.
1. Open Contacts app.
2. Click on icon (in right upper corner).
3. Customize contacts visibility.
-Sync of Google contacts is supplied by the system. You can try to add the Google accounts to the system setting accounts, then start the sync.
-Long press contacts-Synchronization
Please try long press on your contacts group. Favorites -long press on your contacts group (which you want to edit)-menu-click edit- to delete the certain contacts.
Lease long press on Contacts and then choose Group action. After selecting of the contacts,click the confirming button. You will see the Change photo under Group action. You can change the pics of any contacts then.
Preference -General-Backup data to SD card/PixelPhone
- long press the contact ,then you can see Add to BlackList in the menu
- long press the record of call,then you can see Add to BlackList in the menu
-add the man in to the blacklist
- manage your blacklist in the preference -BlackList
Menu -Preferences -General -Missed call notifications -Enable PixelPhone.
After that all new missed call notifications will be processing and display by PixelPhone (for Android 4.3+).
Step1.A single press on the bottom panel, switch between the list of Contacts / Groups / Organizations.
Step2.long press on the bottom panel, so you can see Menu list and choose "Group action".
Step3.choose contacts you want,the left bottom allows you to select //unselect all items, when you completed selection,please click the right bottom.
Step4.now you can do Group actions for the selected contacts in the menu.
After the installation of PixelPhone, when you call there will pop up a confirming message with ‘always’ or ‘once only’. If you want to set PixelPhone as a primary program on your phone, please click ‘always’, vice versa.
A Menu – Preferences – General – Show notification icon – Any but not None. This option keeps the app in memory as soon as possible and not allowing to be unload.
Please make sure you have updated the latest version from GP. And would you please tell us what’s your device(sent email to support@felink.com)We need the information to check the problem and solve it.
Phone settings->installed apps->pixel phone->permission manager.
-Long press “#”on theDialer Interface.
-Long presses the bottom menu on the Contacts and Favorites menu.It is not a bug, but an optimization.
You can change the size of your customization, text through display settings under General.
You can change the size of your dailpad, from small to large.
Please try ‘Group action -settings - phone -Dialpad size’. And please try ‘Group action -Preference- General-Display settings -Text size ‘ to change the font size.
Menu- Settings-General- Phone formats.
Please long press on one of the formats and there is a popup displayed. You can create a copy, change, delete or move up the formats.
Long press on Contacts and click Groups on the menu.
After the selection of the contacts (either some certain contacts or total), long pressing on the selecting contacts menu, you can find ‘set ringtones’ under Group action.
please try to long press on Notification bar, and choose the information to your preference on the pop-up.
Menu- Settings-General-System Settings-Notification bar(Android 4.3+).
Preference-Display settings-one click SIM 1/2/3-choose the color.
You don't need to buy it again. Your purchase belong to your Google Play account and you can install it on any of your device. Just login in Google Play Store with same account (previously purchased the app) and click Buy, your card will not be charged.
Please refer to the Google Play store support, they will be able to tell you about payment options supported by the Google Play Store:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.pixelrush
Now PixelPhone Pro offers feature extras: Call Recording, we will add more features in the future.
Please remove or configure Lucky Patcher (1-2days), or to not block Google Play by firewalls to check the license. If it's not installed, try to completely reinstall the app from Google Play.
The license is checked twice in the first two days after the installation (via Google Play Store), no further verified. So application not need internet access.
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