91 Locker App Review: When Usefulness Meets Style

91 Locker app is lock screen app that lets you customize your phone’s lock screen as per your liking. Now before you start thinking of it as just another lock screen app that lets you set a wallpaper for your lock screen, allow me to tell you that 91 Locker lets you do much more.

91 Locker for Android: Personalize Your Lock Screen

The lock screen on Android has gone through a lot of changes over the years. While we like the lock screen Google offers on stock Android, it lacks any customization options. Well, that’s where the third party lock screen apps come into play. Well, one such great app is 91 Locker.

Sponsored App Review: 91 Locker – DIY & Wallpaper

91 Locker is a lock screen replacement app that allows users not only to get a little more functionality out of their lock screen, but to also customize the overall look and feel. This is a DIY lock screen, meaning that users can choose from a huge variety of different wallpapers, then choose their own unique passcode and its appearance, as well as what apps can display notifications on their lock screen.
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