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PixelPhone is a reputable premium dialer app. In order to show gratitude to our amazing users, we have released a permanent FREE version, so PixelPhone may have the opportunity to serve more people who need to manage their phone contacts wisely.


Dual SIM Cards Management

PixelPhone you can manage the contacts from more than one SIM cards (up to three) of your Android phone. It automatically chooses a SIM as default according to the rules of mobile phone mask and contacts.


Group Contacts

Group your contacts by relations or any other rule you set. You can send messages to anyone in the group, or edit the profile and ringtone for each group. And you can share photos or funny jokes with your friends in the group with just one click.


Efficient Manager

PixelPhone merges call records by date and contacts to help you find the records more easily. You can find the contacts you are looking for by typing the field on QWERTY keyboard or number on T9 keyboard. And you can also set blacklist on PixelPhone to keep you from unwanted calls or even report the harassing calls.


Customized Interface

PixelPhone offers you different kinds of themes for free download. From dreamy pink to arty darkness, from fresh scene to rock & roll, there is always one for you. You can also customize the font, size, color and many other parts of the theme. It’s your theme, you make the call.


Call Recording - You Can't Miss It

There is a premium version "PixelPhone Pro" for the premium users. You can record any call you want to save. Dorado will keep on probing the PixelPhone premium version to give better service to our dear users.

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Review of PixelPhone: Pixelphone Pro Free Download
Do you aim to make your Android smartphone improved with progressive features and new theme provision then PixelPhone Pro is the Android app, you must replace with your phone app on Android smartphone. Designed with pace, easier exploration and customization in head,PixelPhone is a superb app for those who look for some transformed and exciting alternatives to the features that their device already has. Every Android mobile emanates a diverse phone app nowadays, which is fundamentally the utmost significant fragments of the device, so selecting something as per your suitability is most important.
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Какоеприложениевыиспользуетедлязвонковнасвоем Android-смартфоне? Навернякастандартное — малокомуприходит в головуустанавливатьсторонниепрограммы, ноэтотолькодотехпор, покаониихнепопробуют. ОднимизтакихприложенийявляетсяPixelPhone, разработанноероссийскимиразработчиками, котороезатемприобрелакомпанияFelink Technology.
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PixelPhone Enhance your Experience Getting Over the Default UI of your Android Smartphone
PixelPhone is an app for your Android device that replaces your default phone app to offer you a better experience. It has features that you don't usually get through your pre-installed phone & contact apps. Since its initiation some years back, the app has constantly refined and improved its features to better suit user's needs. Once you start using the app, you would not want to go back to the previous default version of your phone.
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