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1. Brand-new tab bar with clear and easy guidance for Contacts, Phone and Assistant

2. More Intuitive and easy to enter Settings. You can do it only by clicking the gear icon on the title bar under “Assistant”.

3. Brand-new interface for Contacts with starred contacts on the top of the list.

4. Brand-new interface for Recents with higher efficiency for display and clearer info.

5. Brand-new “Assistant”module, managing themes, colors, tools for improving efficiency, games, info, life services, etc. We also look forward to your valuable feedback for it.

6. Enhance and fix issues about compatibility for some devices.



Legal notice:

Recording calls without letting your caller know may not be legal in some countries or states.

1.New feature for Pro version: Call recording. Record calls without letting your caller know may not be legal in some countries or states.

2.New feature: Caller ID available.

3.New feature: Missed call badge.

4.New feature: block and report spam calls.

5.New feature: diacritics-insensitive search.

6.Default Dial pad audio feedback set to be normal volume, you can change it in Phone Preferences.

7.Default theme scheme with black and other colors.

8.Enlarged Font size.

9.Fix the "call logs missing" bug of some Samsung smartphones.

10.Fix the Dual-SIM "SIM card selection loop" problem.

11.Better performance of contact lists and sorting.



1. New features: Press and hold call records or contact interface to add names into blacklist to block unwanted calls and manage it in settings.

2. Compatible to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

3. Optimize Dual-SIM.

4. New default Theme: Spring Green.

5. Optimize in-app feedback to make it easier to contact us.

6. Bugs fixed and stability increased. Thanks for your feedback.

7. Delete crash report and update Privacy Policy.



Fixed some bugs



Fixed some bugs



1. Bug fix: We have found the missing menu button, now it's ok.

2.We add 3 new permissions to get crash information reports to enhance the stability of the application.The 3 permissions do not violate personal privacy.It's safe to use, thank you for your support.



1.Permanently Free! Removed the time limit.

2.Fixed: some bug fixes.

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