Privacy Policy referred to as "Felink") attach great importance to the protection of user information. Before you use any product and service of Felink, please be sure to read and thoroughly understand this Statement. You are deemed to accept the terms of this Statement and any updates thereof from time to time once you choose to use our product or service.

I. Information collection

1. Information you provide to Felink. In order to provide you with better customer service, the system of Felink will automatically store the registration information when you voluntarily choose our services or provide information. You are required to provide detailed and accurate personal information when you are registering with the website and update your registration information if necessary in a timely manner. All the original information you input will be used for registration information. You shall be liable for all corresponding subsequences arising from the untrue registration information you provide, if any. Do remember that you shall not assign or lend your own account and password to others. If you find that your account has been used illegally, please notify Felink immediately. There may be the illegal use of account and password by others due to hacking, or negligence in custody by the user himself/herself, and Felink will assume no responsibility for such illegal use.

II. Information obtained from your use of product or service

1. Log information. When you use the services of Felink, the server will automatically record certain information, such as your usage of our services, IP address, URL, browser type and language, and access date and time. For example: - -

[13/Mar/2011:12:59:59 +0800]

" HTTP/1.1"


2. Device information. Certain products and/or services contain a unique application number. When you install, activate, update, uninstall related services or when these services communicate with Felink on a regular basis (such as software update), the system will send this application number and installation-related information (such as the operating system type and application version No.) to Felink.

To provide better service and experience to different devices users, Felink will record hardware model, operating system version number, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of mobile phone, hardware address, media access control (MAC) and the like information.

3. Cookie, anonymous identifiers, etc. The main function of cookie is to facilitate your use of the website products and/or services and counting of unique visitors. With cookie technology, Felink can provide you with more attentive personalized service, and allows you to set your particular service options.

When you use the product or service of Felink, cookie will be sent to your device. When you communicate with the services we provide to our partners, we will allow having cookie or anonymous identifier sent to the server Felink.

You can choose to reject cookie by changing your browser settings. If you choose to reject cookie, you may be unable to access or use the service or function of Felink dependent on cookie.

4. The above data and information are used anonymously. Further, we also have such information encrypted to ensure security of information.

III. Use of information

1. By using the information collected, Felink will provide you with personalized services, for example, to show you more relevant search results or promotion information results. The above information can further help Felink improve its product or service, and be applied to the development of new products or services.

2. Felink will exercise due diligence to treat such information, and unless with your prior authorization or as otherwise provided in this Statement, will not make such information public or provide it to any third party (other than its affiliated companies).

3. Felink may work together with its partners to provide you with services you have requested or show you what you may be interested in. And you shall agree that Felink will share the above information with its partners if it is necessary for providing such product or service, provided that Felink has requested its partners to protect such information and prohibited such information to be used for other purpose. Apart from this, Felink will not provide such information to or share such information with any unrelated third party.

4. Felink may keep statistics of the use of its products and services, and further make these statistics public to demonstrate the overall usage trends of our services. These statistics information will not contain any of your personally identifiable information.

5. Felink may disclose your information in the following cases:

(1) with your prior authorization;

(2) you are using a sharing function;

(3) as required by law, regulation, legal process or governmental authorities;

(4) for the purpose of academic research or public interest;

(5) to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Felink, such as to find, prevent and deal with the problem of fraud or security;

(6) if complying with the relevant service terms or using provisions.

IV. Information security

1. Felink highly values your information security, and therefore, a dedicated team has been organized to carry out the development and application of a variety of security technologies and programs and further protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure through strict measures.

2. Please use the password protection tool services to further protect your information.

V. Protection of minors’ information

Felink further highly values the protection of minors’ information. If you are a minor below 18, you shall first obtain the prior consent of your parents or legal guardian before you use the products and/or services of Felink.

VI. Revision

Felink may revise this Privacy Statement from time to time and then release it in the notable location on its webpage or in its product.

Attached: Glossary

1. Anonymous identifier

Anonymous identifier is usually a kind of random character string which is typically used to identify some user devices including certain mobile devices, such as International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of mobile phone, media access control (MAC) and the like.

2. Cookie

It is a mechanism to support a server (or script) to store and retrieve information on the client, and it extends the Web-based client/server applications by increasing the simple, persistent client state. The server will send a status message which is to be saved by the client, while returning to the client an HTTP object. The status message shows the valid URL range under that status. Thereafter, HTTP requests initiated by the client within such valid range will return the current value of the status information from the client back to the server. Such status information is called cookie.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Felink. Felink is always committed to the full protection of user information, and the provision of better experience and services to our users.

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